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drum cutter application
drum cutter breaking the rock
Wolver Machinery  drum cutters are  incredibly powerful  excavator attachments.
Wolver Machinery drum cutter has the powerful function of grinding and cutting most types of rock.
The design is by Shanghai Wolver Machinery research dept. The MS motor in side is low speed big torque type. So the power is heavey and could  give the drum cutter the ability to make precise trenches and  demoliton.
Wolver Machinery drum cutters can shorten work hours for the project.The drum cutters can supply precision cutting and reduce the damage.
Wolver Machinery drum cutters components are international brands,such as Sun(USA)-valve,NSK(Japan)-bearing,and NOK(Japan)-seal ring.
Wolver Machinery has the top-class material, top-class precessing techniques,and first-class design and development staffs, these can bring the good quality of the drum cutters.