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The advantages of using drum cutter

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Update time : 2019-03-05 14:24:29
The application of drum cutter is very wide! It can be applied to tunnels, ditches and municipal pipeline excavation; road pavement crushing, mining and rock frozen soil excavation can also be used; of course, open pit mine excavation, surface new and steel Industrial, forestry and other construction areas.

(1) Tunnel drum cutter can replace the expensive tunneling machine and shield machine in the tunnel construction operation, and greatly reduce the construction cost; the milling machine is very effective in the mining operation of the following rocks. : rock with lower hardness; rock with weathered structure; rock with high hardness but structural stratification can reach 80-120 tons per hour (depending on the hardness of rock); milling machine can replace excavator very well Construction and good protection of the environment. The domestic tunnel milling machine milling machine is significantly effective in the demolition of buildings in milling foundations, concrete slabs, and heavy concrete walls with few heavy steel bars. The dual function of the hydraulic breaker and the hydraulic clamp can be realized, because the domestic tunnel milling machine can simultaneously cut the steel bars in the building. The milled material has a small particle size and can be used directly as a backfill.

(2) The drum cutter is especially suitable for the section which is not suitable for blasting construction; the milling machine is easy to operate, has high controllability, and the excavation contour is clear and accurate; it can easily solve the undercut and trimming in the tunnel, the inner surface grooving and the excavation side ditch And other issues. It is also possible to mill concrete without reinforcement or a small amount of steel. Using a milling machine mounted on a 300-ton excavator, concrete with a diameter of less than 30 mm can be easily milled.

(3) The application is flexible, and it is possible to replace different milling cutter discs, trench milling wheels, rock saw discs, etc. according to the working environment. Easy to replace. It is easy to maintain, no need to butter and nitrogen, no special requirements for the maintenance of the excavator.

(4) The milled material has a small and uniform particle size and can be used directly as a backfill. There are two basic types of domestic tunnel milling machines: transverse milling machines and longitudinal milling machines.
(8) Simple installation, economical maintenance, and efficient replacement of buckets, breakers and other tools, bringing great pleasure and strong power to your construction.